third trip - V​.​A. (Parvati Records)

by beatspace.parvati



Third Trip, a compilation which keeps the line started with "First Step" and carried on by "Psychedelically Yours" : full-on psychedelic party music ! To open the CD we begin with a track from MIC which is a project Parvati has had since "First Step". Solar sound, funny trippy atmospheres created directly in Goa, the mother of all parties. From Chapora to space On nr. 2 Azax Syndrom, a young israeli artist , powerful music,highly psychedelic, watch out for cronic lysergic overdose. The Osom project gives us track nr. 3. This is an underground production exploded in a moscovite studio through the meeting of some well known russian artists"e aware tonik and very very acid! At nr. 4 Psychotic Micro is the project born from the ashes of Psycho Micro (remember Digital Blood ?). With a new style theyòe kickiníore then ever: A full power production which leads us into the world of Kindzadza who is waiting for us at nr. 5, a Russian guy devoted to heavy psytrance culture presenting us a new russian sport: twisted brain activities on long distance. At nr. 6 Hyper Frequencies with his mature and solid sound takes us on a night ride. What follows at nr.7 is the latest production from the other project that has been with Parvati Records since their first release: Digital Talk aka Droidsect, top quality in sound and creativity are guaranteed. Neuromotor, the "french energizer" at nr. 8 gives us another true dark tunnel to explore during the nighttime. To end this journey at Nr. 9 from Berlin, the Sticky Fingers, from ex Charasmatix Sven Looping and Soma Crome ending this flight in a smoothly way.


released January 1, 2003



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