ABRAHADABRA - Abrahadabra (Parvati Records)

by beatspace.parvati



The Music - Abrahadabra aim to make music that expand consciousness... With the repeating kick we are mirroring the shamanic drum and with our digital instruments and synthesizers we produce organic soundscapes, sonic walls and magic carpets rides... Our music is danceable... Dance is the natural anti-depressive... - Abrahadabra always works with three aspects in the music: thought, will and feeling... We stimulate thought through multi-layered psychedelic sounds and intriguing rythmes, we massage the feelings through harmonic soundscapes and command the will through dance...

Abrahadabra - The Word of the Aeon, which signifieth The Great Work accomplished. It represents the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm.

Fibonacci Sequence 1 - One project... 1st album... The Prime... 11 tracks on the album... 11 letters in Abrahadabra. 2 - Two main forces in our world the Light and the Dark- Lucifer and Ahriman - Ying and Yang... Rythm and Melody... Also the number of balance. 3 - Three members of the project - Lucky number of b8st - Isis, Osiris and Horus. 5 - The human number... The number of A's in Abrahadabra also the number of different letters in Abrahadabra. 8 - Number of creation, and also the number of destruction... The Octave - forfillment of the prime - The atomic number of oxygen... Crowley replaced the C in Abracadabra with the H - the eight letter of the alphabet...Lucky number of Jahbo. 13 - Christ and the twelve apostles...The moon moves 13 degrees around the earth every day. It Takes 13 days to change from Full Moon to New Moon and 13 days to change back with 1 day Full and 1 day New... - Lucky number of Alrune 21 - Comming of Age...The current century...21 grams is the weight of the soul.. Release date of the Abrahadabra album.

21/12 - The End of the mayian calender... Turning point for humanity... Now we look towards the future, now we re-discover the gods... With our music we make an etheric body for higer beings to guide humanity in this new age of aquarius... As the pyramids of old was the place of initiation, we initiate through music and lift the consciousness of humanity up where it belong...


released December 20, 2012



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